The feelings associated with divorce often mirror those associated with the death of a spouse because life as she knew it is ending.

Among others, these feelings may include anger, regret, relief, inadequacy, self-doubt, sadness and fear.  It always creates stress.

Resonate understands the parallels in the journey walked by women who are divorced and those who are widowed.

Many of the financial questions are the same:

  • “What will I be able to afford?”
  • “Will my money last as long as I do?”
  • “Can I stay where I am living?”
  • “Do I have enough money to continue to travel and see my children and grandchildren?”
  • “We always said that we would take care of one another; what happens now?”

These questions are very important because a woman’s household income declines an average of 41% following a divorce or separation. (Source: “Women Face a Retirement Income Glass Ceiling” Investment News 7-31-12)

Resonate offers a safe and caring space with the goal of supporting divorced women as they create their new life vision.  We understand both the emotional journey and the new financial implications for your life.

Together we create a compelling new vision for you to live the life that reflects your most important values and beliefs.

We’re here when you’re ready.


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Resonate, Inc.
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