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The values-based financial planning practiced by Resonate, in which we integrate all facets of your life, has special significance to the LGBT community. Our compassionate, relationship-driven approach for all of our clients gives you a safe space to discuss, plan, and achieve meaningful and life-enhancing financial objectives. For the LGBT community, this approach offers a welcome and productive environment to overcome the overt discrimination and lack of understanding experienced by many.

While advocates of civil rights have made significant progress for the LGBT population in recent years, many challenges remain. Beyond concerns with basic civil rights, many in the LGBT community encounter uncertainty when dealing with the complexities of short- and long-term health care, taxes, retirement, aging issues, and legacies. At Resonate, you will find the expertise and understanding to answer these challenges with a personalized strategy that considers all of your concerns and reflects the purpose of your life and money.

Financial planning for same sex couples covers a wide range of quantitative and qualitative issues. For example, many clients come to us with questions concerning inheritance issues for same sex couples. Retirement planning for same sex couples is another common concern, along with navigating the maze of Social Security decisions. We help you determine how much money you need to reach your life and retirement goals. Whether you’re married or in a committed relationship, Resonate’s purposeful planning will help you face any life event, including dementia, diminished capacity directives, or when you lose a loved one.

Unlike other firms capitalizing on recent rulings on marriage equality, Resonate has been involved in meeting the needs of the LGBT community for decades. Our experience comes with understanding and compassion, and professional insights to help meet your life’s goals. It’s also why we’re affiliated with other professionals who share these life-affirming values.

Did you know that 51% of the LGBT community worries that they won’t have enough money as they age compared to 36% of the general population?

Did you know that LGBT older adults are twice as likely to live alone than heterosexual seniors?

Would you like to find non-discriminatory health care providers?

Do you know the federal rights of all nursing home residents?

(Source Service and Advocacy for LGBT Elders SAGE)

Do you want to assure your wealth is transferred wisely?

  • Overt discrimination detrimentally impacts the trust level of the LGBT community; Resonate offers safe space where all people are respected and honored for who they are.
  • We are affiliated with other professionals aligned with these same values.
  • While the LGBT population has made significant progress on civil rights, planning for aging, taxes, retirement, health care, long term care and legacy remains quite complex.
  • We can help determine “your number” or how much money you need to reach your life and retirement goals.
  • We can guide you through the maze of Social Security decisions that need to be made to realize your maximum benefits.
  • We can help assure that someone you trust will ultimately make health care decisions if you cannot make them for yourself.

Answer: The Resonate team understands this is a top concern for the LGBT community and has vast experience in answering this question.

Answer: Understanding the need for “prejudice-free living,” we are a strong resource to finding the retirement community that’s right for you.

Answer: The Resonate team is committed to welcoming and honoring all people; we especially understand the LGBT community. Let’s have a complimentary conversation.

“Understand that sexuality is as wide as the sea.”

Derek Jarman

“Being human is about having the right to be who we are.”

Barb Culver

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