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The following 4-minute video clip focuses on a legacy conversation which provides insight into Transformational Philanthropy.

Do you know the differences between traditional philanthropy and transformational philanthropy? And is transformational philanthropy an option for everyone?

When it comes to giving back, Resonate leads by example. Since our inception, we’ve been committed to both hands-on philanthropic engagement and the sharing of corporate profits.

We believe that this vast experience is essential in guiding our clients through the dozens of creative philanthropic planning options available today.

It used to be that income and estate tax savings were primary drivers for people to make gifts. Due to the changes in tax law combined with the thoughtful evolution of donor motivation, the Resonate process which naturally blends our clients’ values with estate valuations, offers the opportunity for philanthropic exploration and discussion.

This is also where we decide between the more traditional philanthropic giving, which is primarily asset or money based, and transformational giving, which requires more significant involvement from the donor. Sometimes clients choose a combination of the two to address different legacy goals.

As with everything we do, the Resonate team has carefully chosen professional affiliations in this space to assure our clients have the resources they need to create legacies that last.

As we enter into The Legacy Conversation, Resonate clients have the opportunity to clarify and prioritize their most important life values and beliefs and integrate them into meaningful legacies.

Answer: Every person creates two legacies: the one we live every day and the one we choose to leave. Each legacy is made up of financial and material possessions as well as the values, beliefs, traditions, failures, joys and stories we also want to pass on.

Answer: For the planning process to be successful, the advisor needs to invite each person to reach his or her full potential. This only happens when we offer the opportunity to engage in a deeply meaningful conversation about what we really want to leave behind. The conversation needs to transcend one’s “stuff” to include the essence of how one chooses to make a difference with his or her life.

Is Resonate Right For You?

Answer 5 simple questions about your situation and core values, to help start the conversation.

“You cannot control your parentage, but you can choose your legacy.”

Rick Riodan

“We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

David Brower

“Etch your name into their hearts and memories rather than into the cemetery granite.”

B Culver