As we are constantly concerned about keeping your data secure, a recent article in Fortune magazine titled “The Idiot Box Gets a Little Too Smart” written by Ashwin Rodrigues (August 2019) reminds us that smart TV’s are “essentially a big computer.”  Just like any other computer in our homes, this one collects data to allow providers to make more money.  Our television viewing habits are used to build a consumer profile on us which is used by advertisers, insurance companies and others.

This also means that the TV’s are vulnerable to hackers.  Samsung, for example, encourages that its customers scan their TV’s for malware!

Home security systems can also fall prey to hackers.  This Article may be of interest, as it provides some tips to, ironically, protect your home security system.

Voice-controlled devices such as Echo, Alexa and Nest are also a potential target for hackers.  See this Article relating to hackers exploiting home devices.

Sadly, our privacy and security are becoming increasingly vulnerable to hackers and cyber criminals.  Please be ever vigilant to reduce cyber threats when using your computers… and also with your mobile devices, smart phones and TV’s!

Barb Culver