Richness of Life



As a natural result of our clients’ busy lives, it is becoming increasingly clear that planning to meet their life and financial goals is rapidly becoming more complex.

Therefore, to act on our dedication and commitment to our clients, I am pleased to share that we have enhanced our services to include the following:

  1. Tax strategies designed to optimized the tax efficiency of a retirement portfolio both current and in the future.
  2. An annual Medicare check-up.  Whether you are currently covered with Medicare or you know someone who is, here are items that need to be updated each year:
  • A change in prescription medications;
  • Gradual increases in the Medicare gap filler or Part D premiums;
  • If a current carrier has discontinued the Medicare Part C or D plan;
  • A change in legal name;
  • A change of residence.

  1. The capacity to review existing life insurance and provide an analysis of the financial strength of the carrier.  IN addition we can provide an in-depth analysis to determine how long current coverage will last under the present premium arrangement.  The reason this is crucial today is that many insurance companies are in financial distress due to the last ten years of low interest rates.  Many insureds are unaware that their policies may be in danger of lapsing or not lasting as long as originally projected.  We can provide this service regardless of who sold the policy initially.
  1. A system designed to analyze various retirement income sources and then compares the benefits and consequences of alternative claiming strategies.

The entire Resonate team looks forward to share these important services with you.  Please contact us.

Barbara A. Culver
Resonate, Inc.
(513) 605-2500