Say Goodbye to Passwords!

Under the theme “Fraud Watch 2019” there is an article titled “Making Sure You Are You” in the April 2019 AARP bulletin.

I think that passwords can be frustrating to both young and old alike.  Soon, passwords will be obsolete as a body of science called a biometric authentication continues to advance.  Rather than typing in a password with those pesky upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols, technology companies are developing tools that instead will use fingerprints, voice recognition, eye scans, facial recognition and even a quick analysis of your physical behavior (the way we tap our keyboard or move the mouse) to serve as a gate to our accounts or as an alert that an unauthorized user has gained access to our confidential information.

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An Update on the Latest Position on Tariffs

There has been a flurry of activity regarding our trade policy with China and China’s reaction to it.  Jeff Herzog, Ph.D. and Portfolio Manager at Lord Abbett, published this analysis on May 17, 2019.  I thought it was very insightful and hope you do as well!

The title of his article is “Tariffs, Tweets, Trade and Trump: An Update.”

The U.S. administration is clearly weighing market reaction to its current actions, but at the same time investors are trying to absorb how far the White House will press China. While the economic impact depends on the ebb and flow of negotiations, beyond the tweets that batter markets we think the main issues are as follows:

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Looking for a New/Pre-owned Car/Truck/SUV in 2019?
Kiplinger predicts “there will be plenty of deals in 2019.”
(Source: The Kiplinger Letter April 12, 2019.)

While there may be fewer incentives than in 2018, here are some tips for 2019:

August and September are good months to shop as 2019 models are cleared from lots to make room for the 2020’s.  The same is true for year-end as auto dealers want to reduce taxable inventory. Specifically consider the day after Christmas and New Year’s Eve.
(Source: Yahoo Answers 5-5-2019)

While SUV’s and pickup trucks are in highest demand, they are also in high supply.

The average price of a new car in the U.S. has consistently climbed over the years, but look at what has happened to trucks: JD Power shows truck buyers pay 61% more for a new pickup compared to the cost 10 years ago. The average price of a new car rose 28% in the past decade to $32,500.  The average cost of a new truck is closer to $44,000!

(Source: “Capability Will Cost You: Trucks Cost 61% More Compared to a Decade Ago” Sean Szykowski, The Wall Street Journal; February 27, 2019.)
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Beware These Life Insurance Traps

While it is not necessarily a popular topic, understanding some life insurance basics is essential.  This is because there are many uses of life insurance throughout our lifetimes. Fortunately, there is a type of insurance that matches various needs.

For example, insurance may be needed for:

  • Liquidity at death to pay bills, pay taxes, replace lost income
  • Liquidity at death to complete business agreements such as a buy-sell agreement in a succession plan
  • Liquidity at death to equalize an inheritance
  • Liquidity during life to pay for long term needs or chronic illness

Once the need for the insurance is clear, then it is important to determine which type policy offers the necessary features/benefits:

  • Is a single life policy best or is it a survivorship policy (policy based on two lives)?
  • Is there a measurable term of years for the insurance need?
  • Is it better to have a fixed death benefit or an increasing one?
  • Does it need a rider to protect against disability, chronic illness or long-term care?
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What Just Happened?
Here we were, coasting merrily along in the U.S. stock market.  Then, all of sudden, the last few days hit!

While I will be sending several opinions on consecutive days, I wanted to start with this one from Giolio Martini, Partner, Director of Strategic Asset Allocation at Lord Abbett.

Will Trade Trauma Trip Up U.S. Growth?

In our view, the effects of recently imposed tariffs likely will not have a significant impact on the current U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) trajectory.

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We’ve Moved our Office
Blogs / Articles

Our new address is:

Resonate, Inc.
4605 East Galbraith Road
Suite 200
Cincinnati, Ohio 45236

(513) 605-2500
fax: (513) 605-2505

We look forward to welcoming you!  We are located near the Kenwood Mall.

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Is the Bull Market Over?

Here’s an ARTICLE you may find interesting.

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5 Year Economic Prediction from Northern Trust

The information in this email is not to be taken as a recommendation to invest in any certain way.  Ginger Szala wrote “6 Economic Predictions for Next 5 Years: Northern Trust”, Sept. 10, 2018 as a result of interviewing Bob Browne the Chief Investment Officer of Northern Trust.)

Northern Trust has been shifting assets back in to the U.S. because “they have more confidence in the short-term U.S. story than in the international one.”  Browne thinks the U.S. equities will return about 6.5% total return in the short- term and expect equities to return closer to 6% over the next 5 years.  He predicts high-yield bonds at 6.3% total return in the short-term and 4.9% over the next five years.

In contrast, he projects 8.3% total return for emerging markets over the next 5 years.

He sees no risk of recession in the next 5 years and expects only one more interest rate increase from the Fed in 2018 and one in 2019.

While this obviously just represents the opinion of one institution, I thought you might be interested in seeing the total return predictions.

Barbara A. Culver
Resonate, Inc.
(513) 605-2500

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When Older Family Members Will Not Address The Realities Of Aging
Intergenerational Planning

As you know, your Resonate team is dedicated to “helping clients create best outcomes during life’s most difficult times.”   The aging process often creates “difficult times” within families. 

We have found that proactive, skilled facilitation of “what if situations” provides time for thoughtful discussion and creates compassionate solutions to which everyone agrees in advance.  Then, “when the time comes,”  there is a plan to implement.

We welcome the opportunity to begin the conversation with you and your family.

Article: When Older Family Members Will Not Address The Realities Of Aging


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Boomers, Gen X-ers, Millennials, and Money

One of the special skills of the Resonate team is working intergenerationally.  We are grateful to be working with three generations of many of our clients and – in some cases – with the fourth generation as well.

Here are some of the insights we have learned from our client families:

  1. Baby Boomers are feeling more secure about retirement than that did in 2010.  In fact, 15% more Boomers feel ready for retirement today than in 2010.  Many continue to choose to live well below their means.  This is true, in part, because “leaving a legacy to family and making a difference” are key values of this generation.
  2. Conversely, many Gen Xers are feeling enormous financial pressure.  Non-mortgage debt has increased 15% since 2014, leading to credit card balances carrying over from month to month.  Add the burden of student loans and we understand the stress of debt.
  3. Many Millennials feel financially confident and have already adopted positive savings habits.  Due, in part, to the uncertainly of Social Security, they also see saving for retirement a necessity.  The access to social media often leads to feelings of inadequacy about their own lifestyle, which leads to impulse spending.
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