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The financial services profession offers much more than the opportunity for quantitative analysis, providing insurance solutions, portfolio construction, tax, college and/or retirement planning.

At its core, the financial services profession is about life…your life. It is about what matters most to you—your core life values and beliefs. Once we are clear about your life priorities, we then figure out how to use your money to create, support and sustain these priorities.

While plans may be in place for financial solutions in later life, people are seldom given the opportunity to hold important conversations within the family about the emotional, psychological and physical demands, which often accompany the aging process.

Because these topics can be difficult to face emotionally, psychologically and/or relationally, we find that families often do not create the time for these important discussions to occur.  Because lack of preparation often creates more stress when action is needed, Resonate offers “Conversations Beyond the Balance Sheet.” This service provides an opportunity to participate in a facilitated discussion with family members and loved ones to create a system of support for the entire family for “when life shifts.” The professional facilitators create a safe environment for all to share their most important thoughts and feelings on various “what if scenarios” involving aging and end of life, such as: the house, personal property, serious diagnosis, support team, caregivers, options for the care, cost of care and legacy.

Please consider this experience as one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and your family.  It is the gift of sharing and knowing in order to prepare everyone for “what happens when.”  Rather than family members feeling scared, unsure and overwhelmed, we want them to be as prepared as possible to be present during a time of need and to implement the decisions that have already been made.

Please contact us to set a time for your “Conversations Beyond the Balance Sheet” and create a framework for all family members and advocates for “when life shifts”.