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The Resonate team is dedicated to excellence by integrating your life and financial goals. Recognizing that money is simply a tool which helps us create and live our ideal lives, we help you gain clarity as you prioritize what is most important to you about your life, family, career and future goals. By asking carefully chosen questions, we integrate your finances with your life purpose to help you not only reach your goals but to assure that the attainment is a fulfilling, rather than an empty, experience. We further specialize in intergenerational planning, effective communication and keeping families connected.

Essential Financial and Estate Planning

This is the level where most planning begins. We guide the technical part of the process by reviewing such items as cash flow, income tax returns, existing insurance and investment portfolios. Most importantly, we also help you clarify and prioritize your goals, values and core life beliefs and integrate them into the entire process. We work as a team with your other advisors to assure that all planning is coordinated and flows smoothly.

Advanced Financial and Estate Planning

This level offers additional financial and estate planning services. Once your values, beliefs and goals are identified, tools such as Testamentary wills, simple trusts and Powers of Attorney can be created. Further discussions can be centered around your legacy, philanthropy and Purposeful Trusts – a process in which the trust documents capture your beliefs and life messages. See the Purposeful Planning Process for more details.

401(k), 403(b) Advisory Service

Most of us count on our 401(k) or 403(b) plans to provide a significant part of our retirement income. These crucial retirement assets, typically the largest investment asset a person has, frequently receive no professional advice. In response to this critical need, we are pleased to offer this new service to Resonate clients and non-clients alike.

We have the capacity to load all investment options for any 401(k) or 403(b) program into a specialized software system. Next we complete the participant’s investor profile and match the profile with suitable investment choices offered through the plan itself. Then, every 90 days, we review the plan performance and provide advice to either stay invested as is or make appropriate changes.

The advice is a blend of investment theories such as Modern Portfolio Theory, Relative Strength and Technical Analysis along with our best thinking to help the participant select suitable funds based on his or her risk tolerance, objectives and time frame.

We send you quarterly updates via email making it easy to implement your recommendations.

Because we are offering advice, we are required to have a signed advisory agreement detailing these services and the associated investment:

  1. $50 per quarter for plan balances under $100,000
  2. $75 per quarter for plan balances from $100,000 to $249,999
  3. $100 per quarter for plan balances over $250,000

We will provide you access to a secure website where you can consolidate and view all of your important financial information in one location: retirement plans, investments, bank accounts, etc. as desired.