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Do you have a major life change?  Put us on your Life Board of Advisors.

No matter how good your financial plan or your investment plan, changes happen in life. Sometimes you will have anticipated them, sometimes not. At Resonate, we are more than your financial advisors; we are your life advisors. We like to say that we serve on your Life Advisory Board. As Advisory Board Members, our clients call on us when change happens or when they face a complex decision.

Here is a short list of the types of situations clients rely on us to help solve:

  • Concerned about elder abuse or fraud?
  • Have a real estate offer to consider – buying or selling a house or other property?
  • Need a second opinion on a job offer?
  • Need someone to help you evaluate long-term care facilities for yourself or a loved one such as a parent?
  • Deciding whether to lease or buy the next car?
  • Wondering if the loan interest rate you are offered is competitive?
  • Trying to figure out your best Social Security payment options?
  • Need to decide on how best to fund college…or a creative plan to pay off college loans?
  • Need help figuring out Required Minimum Distributions (RMD’s) from your retirement plans?
  • Trying to decide whether to pay off a mortgage early?

For these or any other life circumstances where you would value a second opinion, give us a call. We care about your lives beyond your balance sheet and are comfortable connecting with you emotionally, psychologically and spiritually as your financial decisions intersect with life.

We make it our business to guide our clients through the business of life’s changes. Put us on your Life Advisory Board. We’ll be glad to help under a customized agreement.