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Once people work with us and experience the essential differences we offer compared to firms which only focus on the technical aspects of planning and investing, we are often asked if we offer programs.

The Three American Great Money Myths and How to Overcome Them

Based on Lynne Twist’s book, The Soul of Money, this two-hour program identifies the Three Great Money Myths and how to replace them with self-selected empowering replacement messages. As participants move beyond fear and scarcity, replacing these beliefs with abundance and gratitude, philanthropy becomes a natural outcome from living life in this new space.

The Legacy Process: Finding Connection, Voice, Purpose and Vision

This two-hour program introduces the Journey on the Pathway of Awareness. Along the journey, we talk about the progression that leads to finding and speaking one’s truth, realizing one’s life purpose and creating a high vision for his/her/their life. A new understanding of Inspired Philanthropy is a natural part of the journey.

Fulfilling Our Six Human Needs Through Purposeful Planning

This two-hour program explores the six human needs and offers ideas on how best to meet them. Because the Need to Contribute is one of the six, this program offers another easy way to begin the philanthropic conversation.

The Three Secrets of Flourishing Families

This two-hour program shares the three keys of families that have successfully stayed connected relationally and financially for more than three generations. It also explains the role that sustained philanthropy plays in the lives of these families.

The programs are usually presented for not-for-profit organizations who enter in a mutually agreeable arrangement for this service with Resonate.