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To meet your investment goals, an experienced and skilled investment advisor can help create investment strategies based on your unique life situation. Resonate strives to meet the highest industry standards for financial planning and investment management. In addition, we bring your wealth and life purpose together, which we believe is how you successfully grow wealth and well-being simultaneously.

Our long and successful practice has demonstrated that advisors and clients alike benefit from an investment philosophy centered on values-based financial planning. It creates faith in the future by linking your goals with your values. In addition, this process, is intended to provide peace of mind and, nurtures two key attributes of successful investing: patience and discipline.

Investment strategies that attempt to outperform the market typically fail because they rely on short-term results based on past performance. Resonate focuses on goal-oriented investment strategies, driven by your core beliefs and values. This alleviates the temptation to make rash decisions in a life crisis or in response to downturns and volatility in financial markets.

With Resonate’s integrative life planning, all aspects of your life inform our investment strategies to enhance your well-being and provide meaning and assurance. These may range from income tax strategies to creative income strategies to retirement strategies. Most importantly, you have an action plan based on your specific needs, life situation, time horizon, and risk tolerance. That’s why our financial planning process for seniors differs from our process for widows. That is also why we extend our services to include intergenerational planning and legacy planning.

The difference you’ll experience at Resonate comes from our distinctive blending of quantitative and qualitative investment planning. From the beginning, our investment philosophy acknowledges that your personal values and financial decisions are linked. As a result, we help you plan for the future based on your core life beliefs and values, aligning purpose and wealth.

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