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Resonate’s Certified Financial Planners and investment advisors follow a clear process to help alleviate the complexities of financial planning. We also strive to ensure that you have all the resources you need to create a plan that fulfills your life purpose. Key steps in the Resonate process include:

  • Initial conversation to understand your core values, financial situation, and goals
  • Development of your personalized financial plan, clearly defining scope of services, fees, strategies, and expectations
  • Presentation of the plan and recommendations reflecting your unique expectations and values
  • Ongoing progress meetings, advice, and regular communication, including investment management which may include:
    • Strategic asset allocation to meet your goals in stocks, fixed income investments, and cash
    • Diversification* to minimize risk across asset classes
    • Periodic rebalancing of portfolio to meet target allocations
  • As-needed discussion, strategies, and services covering any life opportunity or challenge that impacts wealth and well-being:
    • Unexpected death benefit or inheritance
    • Financial strategies for widows
    • College funding strategies
    • Intra-family loans
    • Inheritance issues specific to LGBT couples
    • Long-term care options
    • Disability income solutions
    • Life insurance strategies
    • Short-term individual health care
    • Medicare gapfillers
    • Dealing with parents’ aging issues
    • Retirement planning

The values-based financial planning offered by Resonate allows you to clarify and enhance your wealth and life purpose with personalized strategies and plans. We work together as a team to make it an enjoyable and rewarding experience, using values clarification to help you grow wealth and well-being.

Learn more about our Investment Philosophy.

* Diversification cannot guarantee a profit or protect against loss.

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