Since the Equifax breach was massive, I wanted to share the latest information with you.

If you have spent time or money since September 2017 dealing with the breach, you can request reimbursement for up to 20 hours of time spent reclaiming your identity.  The hourly rate for reimbursement is $25.

If you incurred extra accounting fees, you may ask for up to $20,000 in restitution.

Of course, you will need to document damages and time invested in resolving this issue.

The other options involve credit monitoring.  One choice is to a reimbursement of up to $125 per person.  (Beware the actual amount could be much less).   The second is to ask for 10 years of free monitoring.  Since these breaches seem to be getting worse rather than better, you may want to consider the long-term credit monitoring option.

See this article link for complete details and contact information.

Barb Culver