There can be many answers to the question ranging from “my health, my kids, my grandkids, our currently divided country, how to afford the cost of education, the rising cost of health care”, to name only a few.  I want to share an interview with Richard Orlando.

Orlando is CEO of Legacy Capitals, and Ned Dane of the Oppenheimer Family of Funds asks the questions.

Question: What are the biggest trends you see in families today?

Orlando: “I think one of the biggest questions that keeps parents up at night is – how do we ensure our wealth doesn’t become a liability to our children instead of an asset?  Also, many parents want to know when is the right time for talking to the next generation about the family’s wealth.   And then it’s, how do we prepare our children for the opportunities and responsibilities that come with wealth?”

Question: Do you find there is a knowledge gap here with advisors?

Orlando:  “Absolutely.  The most successful advisors today understand that it’s all about deepening relationships with clients and their families.  It’s not just the financial aspect of it.  It’s about taking a holistic look at the people they work with and assessing their needs.  It’s also about matching their needs with practical solutions that are in concert with the family’s values. The best advisors today understand that you need to speak to your client’s heart, not just their head.”

This excerpt from the interview affirms that, unlike most financial advisors, your Resonate team brings expertise and added value in this space.  Because of the special services we offer for widows and on issues of aging and cognitive impairment, end of life planning, and facilitation of the legacy conversation, Barb Culver has had the honor of speaking at national conventions.  Recent engagements include: Everplans 4-part webinar series – Feb. 2017, NAIFA National Conference – Sept. 2016, FPA SW Ohio Fall Symposium – Sept. 2015)

We have facilitated many meaningful conversations with clients and their families on the topics most important to them.  When appropriate, we co-facilitate client conversations with other professional advisors such Hospice professionals, Family counselors, psychologists, clergy and Wealth coaches.

We, then, help devise actionable solutions for engaging the next generation, which results in families feeling much closer to one another as they finally address the tough and sensitive issues needing attention.

I invite you to share a conversation with me about whatever it is that is keeping you up at night.

Please give yourself and your family the gift of harmonious relationships through shared conversation and conflict resolution.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Barbara A. Culver
Resonate, Inc.
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