Part Three of a Three-Part series

If you have not read the first blog in this three-part series, “An Overdue Apology to Women”, dated April 7, you might find it helpful because it is applicable to this blog as well.

The first piece focused on how women clients are often discounted in the relationship with the financial advisor.  It resulted in my apologizing on behalf of the industry to anyone who has experienced this type of discriminatory treatment.

The second part in this series centered on how single women are often victims of “product-pushers” as opposed to professional advisors who are also fiduciaries.  See previous blog titled: “Are You Ready for Disturbing Survey Results about Single Women and Financial Advisors?”

This third part in the Women’s Series shares some important information on women breadwinners.

Who qualifies as a woman breadwinner?  Anyone who earns at least one-half of the household income and is also involved in the financial decisions.

Often, these professional women hold positions in middle management through executive positions.

Here are some interesting points about these amazing women:

  1. Because they have often had to take risks and face adversity in life and their careers, these often have a higher risk-tolerance than other women may have.
  2. Yet, in spite of creating financial success, oftentimes a financial fear lingers about running out of money in retirement.
    (Source: “Understanding & Identifying Female Clients & Prospects”, INResearch and TD Ameritrade, 2016).

While these last two points may seem to be in conflict, the Resonate team understands the connection.  In addition, we have created solutions that address each situation which result in maximizing investment potential with part of the investment portfolio while simultaneously safeguarding against taking “too much risk”.

We wrap these solutions in values of mutual respect, trust, and integrity.  We are held to the fiduciary standard as we first listen to you, take the time to really “hear what you are saying” and ask for your confirmation that we do, indeed, understand you.  It is only then that we begin to create custom solutions for you, which are designed to take you from “where you are to where you want to be”.  Rather than asking you to adapt to our model of the world, we step into your world, accepting you for exactly where you are in life without judgment or comparison to others.

If you want to feel heard and understood, let’s share a cup of coffee and a conversation.  You talk, we listen!

Barbara A. Culver
Resonate, Inc.
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