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Qualitative Questions:

  1. Why does Resonate offer both qualitative and traditional planning?

    Our experience has been that we cannot isolate financial and investment decisions; for best results, they need to be integrated with the rest of our life.   This is because all decisions are influenced by our values, goals, beliefs and relationships.  We guide clients in making more successful, fulfilling financial choices by integrating “who you are with what you have.”

  2. Why do widows need a special process designed just for them?

    Widows are in a unique space.  Each woman makes her way through the grieving, letting go and recreating one’s new life in her own way.  This process requires the advisors to have both the knowledge of what lies ahead on the Widow’s Walk and the commitment to support each woman through her journey.

  3. Why do you think it is so important to create plans now for events that may not occur for years?

    People discover their best choices when they have time and space to think clearly, to explore options and to have dialogue before making decisions.  This means that starting before there is an immediate need is preferable to urgent planning.

    While this is our preference for our clients, we also have vast experience for when decisions need to be made quickly.

Quantitative Questions:

  1. Q: Do you think active or passive investment creates better results?

    Our experience indicates that there is no easy answer to this question.  The decision between passive and active investing depends on one’s time horizon, tax brackets and investment objectives.

    Sometimes it is a blend of these two alternatives that works best. That is why we offer a no-obligation consultation…to learn more so that we can provide our best thinking on how to help clients reach all of their goals in life.

  2. Q: Does everyone need to own long-term care insurance?

    No.  Whether or not to own long-term care insurance is a choice people make based on health history, net worth, legacy goals, family circumstances, retirement income and other factors.

    We welcome a conversation with anyone on this topic because, in addition to the considerations above, there are also a variety of solutions to address the long-term care possibility. We believe in presenting all solutions representing appropriate options for each client.

  3. Q: How much life insurance is enough?

    This is another question that depends on many factors such as health history, purpose of the insurance, other estate assets, legacy goals and cash flow.

    This question cannot be answered robotically or in a vacuum.  Rather, you need to have a conversation so that the Resonate team can then explore and present the best options to you from a vast array of life insurance products.

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