The Resonate team understands that change happens to us all and that the key to managing change well is all about one’s mindset.

For example, when “life shifts” for you, how do you feel and what do you say to yourself?

Compare “I have no idea how I’ll survive this,” to “I’ll find a way through this.”

“This is just too much; I am totally overwhelmed,” to “I am strong enough to make it through this day.”

One of the key actions people take who handle change well is that they choose to stay in control rather than give in to the powerful emotions caused by the change.  This is not to say those people shut down and stop feeling, rather they choose to feel and also to monitor the messages they give themselves in the midst of the transition, (Examples of this are above.)

In addition, people who successfully handle change break life down into manageable time frames. By affirming that “I can get through this hour or this day,” one gains confidence in her ability to make it all the way through this journey one step at a time.

Oftentimes, “when life shifts” people often immediately consider the financial consequences.  While this is certainly understandable, focusing only on the tangible without understanding the relational, psychological and emotional parts of the process impedes the progress that is possible while navigating the change.

The Resonate team offers a unique process designed for people experiencing change.  Whether the change is about divorce or death, different employment or retirement, health or family-related, we’re prepared and ready to meet with you.

Together we’ll find a way…

Barbara A. Culver
Resonate, Inc.
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